Photo: Jim McDougall

There is no doubt about it – Èze is one of the most scenic places you’ll ever visit. The medieval city Èze is on top of a mountain overlooking the azure-blue Mediterranean sea.

The town is divided in three parts, you have the town it self, also called Èze Village, which is about 500 meters above the sea level. By the ocean there is a small sea side resort – Èze-sur-Mer, and above the village you have Fort de la Revere.

Only a few of the houses in Èze is inhabited, and the city is today more of a museum town that a real town. A lot of the tourists are day time tourist arriving on buses in the morning and leaving in the afternoon after lunch. So even though it can get really really busy during the day, especially in the peak season, it can be nice and calm during the night. If you have the time, it is well worth staying overnight, to see the romantic city at night.

Even though Grasse is more known for its perfume, Èze is also one of the towns that made Provence the fragrance capital of the world. Fragonard has a factory in Èze which offers tours and the possibility to learn some of the history of perfume.

Fort de la Revere
Not a lot of people take the time to go to the old military facilities of Fort de la Revere. But they should. The fort itself is not much to look at, but the views are amazing, and it’s a nice drive up there.

Getting to Èze Village
There are no cars inside the town, so tourists have to come on foot from the parking-lot, or from Èze-sur-Mer. The walk can be tough, so some of the hotels offer donkey rides, but most people don’t have any problems with the small hike. And once you are there you can reward yourself a cold glass of rose wine.

Hotel in Èze
Well, there are a few hotels in town, but there is one that trumps all other – Hotel de la Chevre d’Or, which translates the golden goat. Wonderful views over the Mediterranean, cozy rooms and a nice pool, and last but not least a restaurant with two stars in the Michelin guide. It’s in no way cheap, but it is an experience of a lifetime. Don’t be surprised if you see someone proposing during dinner.