Salon de Provence

A great castle rises above the narrow streets of the old town of Salon de Provence. There is a very Provencal atmosphere within the city walls, while the city is considerably more modern right outside. In addition to being a very nice city, it is a perfect base to see the rest of Provence. In year 1547 Nostradamous moved to town and it was here that he wrote his famous prophecies. The house where he and his family lived is now a museum.

salonChâteau de l’Empéri

The castle Château de l’Empéri is the main attraction of the Salon. The castle was badly damaged during the earthquake in year 1909, but is beautifully restored. The castle is open to the public, and every summer in late July-August there is a chamber music festival where the stage is in the castle park.

Fontaine Moussue

Just outside the entrance to the old town, the Porte de l’Horloge, there is a fountain from the 1600s. The fountain has begun to grow moss which gives it a mushroom-like shape.

Savon De Marseille

Marseille’s famous soap, Savon De Marseille, is produced both in Marseille and in Salon de Provence. Marius Fabres soap factory still produces soap the old way, and the factory and its small shop is open for visits. Marius Fabre is located directly at the train station a short distance east of the old city.

Restaurants in Salon de Provence

L’endroit is located right by the castle and serves very good French dishes at affordable price – highly recommended. If you love pancakes (crepes) then Un Coin de Salon, located along the rue de l’Horloge, is the place to eat.


Grand Hotel de la Poste is located very central, right next to Fontaine Moussue. This is a pleasant hotel with decent standard and good prices . 2-3 km east of downtown lies Mas de Lure. This is a charming bed and breakfast in typical Provencal country style. Here it is quiet and you can relax by the pool and enjoy good food.