Gap Charance
Gap Charance. Foto: Aups

Up in the mountains, about 3 hours drive from Nice, lays the city of Gap – the capital of the Hautes-Alpes department. Gap is a relatively big city (about 50,000 inhabitants) considering the altidude (approximately 750 mamsl).

The town itself is pleasant with a charming old town with pedestrian streets and restaurants. Gap attracts a good number of tourists, due to its good climate and vicinity to major recreation areas and the Alps. Wintersport enthusiasts during winter and mountain climbers and hikers during summer use Gap as a base or visit the ciry on their way to the mountains.


We recommend Mon Hotel a Gap; central location, good service at decent prices and with great views of the Alps and the city.


About 4 kilometers north of the city center, is an area called Charance. The site is built around an old castle which dates back to 1000 ad. The castle you can visit today is from the 18th century. The castle is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and a magnificent garden. From the terrace you can get great views of lush scenery with snowy Alps in the background.

It is open during the summer months, but it is advisable to check before you go there, sometimes the castle is rented out for events.