One of the larger cities along the Riviera is Toulon. It has 160,000 inhabitants (about 500,000 if you include the suburbs). Compared to its neighboring cities, there are relatively few tourists who travel to Toulon, but the city certainly has a lot to offer.

With its strategic location Toulon has long been the main base for the French Navy. During the Second World War the French lowered their fleet outside Toulon to prevent it from falling into German hands. The rest of the town was later greatly affected by an allied bomb attack, particularly the port was destroyed.

Old Town

Between the harbor and the streets Boulevard de Strasbourg and the Cours Lafayette lies the old town. Here is the narrow pedestrian streets with small shops and pleasant places with fountains and quaint restaurants. The area was formerly lapsed, but in recent years it has come to life again and today it appears as a very nice area. In this area lies a great cathedral. There is also a large market every morning in the Cours Lafayette.

Le Mourillons – Beaches

Just east of Toulon was formerly a small fishing village, Le Mourillons. The area has for a long time been a part of Toulon, but it has retained some of its characteristics. Here is among other things, a fortress from the 1500s, Fort Saint Louis and the town’s beaches. The beaches were constructed in the 70 ‘s and is very popular among the locals.

Mont Feron

Behind Toulon Mont Feron rises up 584 meters above sea level. For those not afraid of heights, the cable car up to the top certainly is worth a try. From the top you have a wonderful view of Toulon and the surrounding areas. It is also possible to drive up (or walk for the really fit). The cable car starts a short distance north of the center of Boulevard Jean Amiral Vence.

Marine Museum (Musee National de la Marine )

At the entrance to the armory there is a small museum dedicated to naval history. It can probably be said to be for the ones with special interest, but there are some nice models of old ships and the entrance is very stylish.